Social Justice

Community School

The Dramatic Changes Social Justice Community School is a collection of resources, classes and workshops to help


Somewhere In Between, our first published book is now available on the google play store. If you'd like to purchase a physical copy, or invite us to come and read the book or run a workshop on gender, please send us an email.


Dramatic Changes Jazz School is a 10 week program for jazz enthusiasts and professionals to practice their craft and push their boundaries culminating in a showcase.

Dramatic Changes Community Arts Facilitation Training is a 3 day training session that prepares you to host a community arts workshop.

Dramatic Changes Speed Friending Deep Friending is a 2 hour workshop which helps you meet new people and creates an environment where you can connect deeply. We are also developing supplemental self-help manual which is a collection of techniques to help you foster these kinds of connections in everyday life.

Dramatic Changes Anti Oppressive Improv Workshop is an improv jam where anti-oppression is