Lending Library

The idea behind the lending library is to make musical instrument and other technology available for our community to use for important events and social justice causes. In order to cover expenses and maintain the lending library, we also rent the equipment to other folks and organizations at a retail price. This is what allows us to offer the equipment for free / PWYC to nonprofits and other important community events. If you'd like to donate any technology to the lending library, or if you have any questions about how the lending library works, please reach out to us!

Our Equipment

2x Yorkville NX750P

Power speakers and stands

2x Yorkville NX720P

Power sub-woofers

Yamaha Mixer 01V96I

Digital mixer

4x Shure SM57

Dynamic mic

Apex 125

Bass and Kick drum mic

4x Shure SM58

Dynamic mic

Sennheiser E835

Dynamic mic

3x Rode SmartLav+

lapel mic

Gibson Hollow Body

Electric guitar


Sony A6000

Digital camera

GoPro Hero 4

Acoustic Guitar

Oculus Rift

VR headset + controllers

Alienware 15R3


ADJ Dotz TPar System

4 led lights on a bar with remote

Benq HT2150ST

Projector, short throw, low latency, low noise

2x Battery

(1.2kwh silicon dioxide)

Olds Trumpet

Trumpet + mute

Yamaha Cello

Yamaha Clarinet

Yamaha Alto Sax

M-Audio Midi Keyboard

Keystation 88 MkII

A Variety of Cables

Hdmi, XLR, 1/4', RCA, 3.5mm, AC, DVI, miniDP, USB C,


3 x Wireless Microphones

Line 6 XD series

1 x Wireless Microphone

Sennheiser EW series

Audio Interface + Controller

K-Mix 8 in 8 out