Winter Holiday Blues


Dramatic Changes will be hosting an all-ages, queer-friendly, night-time arts space in Winter 2018/2019! This will be a space to relax and come together with community, to have snacks, and to engage with the arts. We have funding to host 25 session that will run from 6pm-midnight.

Please reach out to us if you have ideas for venues and programming that you would like to see!


Winter Holiday Blues is a collection of traditions from the Halifax North End communities with a focus on diversity and inclusivity.

"We started this project because every year the winter holidays come round, and something doesn’t feel right. We see lots of smiling faces, lots of decorations, and that’s great. But every now and then we noticed people struggling. Some were lonely and didn’t have anyone to connect with. Some felt alienated because they didn’t celebrate the way that “everyone else” does and didn’t know what their place was in all these “festivities”. Some were stressing because they couldn’t make it to see their family, or because they didn’t have the time or the money to get everyone presents.

We want to do something to let them all know that it’s okay. You don’t have to celebrate the same way everyone else does. You’re not the only ones feeling like this. We want to bring people together to hear each others’ stories. We want to bring together our fractured community. Obviously, this won’t happen overnight, but in time we hope this project will provide solace for anyone who feels lonely, or isolated, or out of place because of the winter holiday season."

This project was started in 2016 by Dramatic Changes artists Ross Unger and Katie MacDonald, but it belongs to the community. If you have a tradition you would like to submit, or an event you would like to organise, we would love to hear from you!