Islands Of Resistance

"The year is 2139, or at least that's what they tell us. It’s hard to know what’s true anymore. History has been re-written, of this we are certain. All we know is that at some point the earth was full of life, with billions of people spread across the planet. Then the atmosphere changed. Now, direct sunlight is toxic, and we all inhabit “The “City”, whose engineered transparent walls make the sun safe again.

Through the center of the City runs a giant elevator. At the top live the rich and powerful, and they get all the sun they need. As you descend, you can see the class divide. You know which floor someone comes from, just by the amount of sunlight they’ve had. As you get below the “blackout” line, you realize that almost half the city’s population is living without sunlight, kept alive by the trademarked “Sun-patches”.

Beyond the walls of the city, the refugee camps span out for days. Folks trying to get into the city. If only they knew what life was like in here. Corporations control the government. The masses are apathetic. Millions are sun-starving. Some see the city as a god, I see it as a demon. I yearn for the day when the prophecies come true, and the city falls apart to make way for new lives. It’s already happening. I can feel it. I just hope that I live long enough to see it. "

Islands Of Resistance is a collaborative Novel. A role-playing game. A virtual reality experience. A trans-media art project. Anyone can submit.


Steps to submit:

  1. Read ALL the guidelines first.
  2. Select an existing character, or create a name for a new character, and let us know!
  3. If you have any ideas that might alter the rules of the world, or if you have any questions, please ask them now.
  4. Create :) write, make visuals, make sounds, perform, whatever you do!
  5. Submit your creations to [email protected]
  6. You will receive feedback, requests for changes if necessary, and probably some questions from us.
  7. Review feedback. Negotiate changes. Answer questions.
  8. Done!

If you would like your creation to become part of this project it should be in line with our core values. These include:

  1. Intersectional feminist and Anti-oppression ideals, such as:

a. Highlight experiences other than those of able-bodied, cis-het, white men.

b. Avoid stereotypes or tokenism

c. Demonstrate understanding about systems of oppression that exist in society today by highlighting and acknowledging their effects.

2. Inspired by lived experience

3. Appropriate for all ages, or marked as adult-content, with content warning for graphic or violent scenes.

For more info, check out the master document!