Our Projects

Current Active Projects

A project about finding connection in the winter season. In 2020 we are hosting a weekly all-ages, queer-friendly, night-time, drop in arts space. Folks that come have described it as a "community living room" - a chill space to hang out, eat snacks, socialise, or just do your own thing.

In 2018 we created Feminist Dance Anthems Volume 1, an album of club songs featuring lyrics about consent, gender, identity, and the toxic masculinity of club culture. In 2019 we are making Volume 2, and expanding the project to include dance, film, visual art, and immersive experience events

A collaborative sci-fi universe where sunlight is a scarce resource. It's a novel. It's a role-playing game. It's virtual reality experience. And you can contribute! Create a character, or write a scene. Help us populate this world

A project about immigration and citizenship. In 2018 we created a shadow puppet show featuring verbatim stories of immigrant experiences.

Percolating Projects

An improv and performance art group that is committed to anti-oppression principles. We host weekly improv jams, all-ages dance parties in parks, and performances for PRIDE, Nocturne, Fringe Festival, and other events

We help host street parties. Our main event each year is the annual Black Street Neighbourhood party in September.

"The forests are alive. We have known this since the beginning of time. They are the life-blood of our world. That is why we took the sacred oath. That’s why we became guardians of the forest."

A real world alternate reality game about ritual and reconnecting with your roots

What does good support look like? How can we ask for help? How do build resilient networks of deep care? How do we show up for each other in a meaningful way

This is a self-help pamphet. This is performance art. This is peer support.

We run workshops on various subjects and produce educational materials. In 2019 we hosted a community arts facilitation training in April, a jazz theory course in the spring, and we'll be releasing our second social justice kids book!

Projects on the Back-Burner

Past Special Events and Partner Projects