Act 4 Global Change

Dramatic Changes Act 4 Global Change youth conference. It was an inspiring weekend of learning and teaching and sharing.

Our workshop was called “Using The Arts For Social Change”. We began by looking at why youth sometimes feel powerless to make change. We explored how to break overwhelming problems into manageable tasks, the importance of thinking about target audience, and the power of collaboration.

In this photo we are working together to make a “map” of all the problems in the world and how they affect us personally. We grouped the problems under 4 categories: environment, wealth inequality, ignorance, prejudice, and then we wrote statements in the form of “when ___ happened, I felt like _” relating to each of the categories.

Over the course of the weekend we wrote a song - a youth anthem - to demonstrate the power of the arts for social change, As part of our second workshop we taught everyone the song and made a video - coming soon. Our hope is that this song and video will inspire other youth to keep fighting for social justice, and show them that they are not alone.

A spontaneous recording session with Aaron Prosper singing a Mi’kmaw song known as the Treaty Song.

Some signs the kids made during a workshop about how to run a protest run by Zach Gough

Halifax poet laureate El Jones gave the opening speech. She laid down some pretty inspirational words.