Feminist Dance Anthems

We are now accepting applications for FEMINIST DANCE ANTHEMS VOLUME 2. If you'd like to be involved as a writer, singer, dancer, film-maker, or any other role, please send us an email

Feminist Dance Anthems


We are hosting events and producing new songs that can be played in a club environment with lyrics that are empowering and validating for folks affected by systems of oppression.


  • Songs should explore themes of consent, gender, identity, toxic masculinity, or any other intersectional feminist / human rights ideas.
  • Each song should have at least once significant section where the Lyrics, Melody, and Choreography are simple and catchy so that folks on the dancefloor can sing along.
  • Listening to the songs and dancing should feel validating and empowering
  • Sensitive content should be handled sensitively
  • All the tracks and visuals should be produced in a way that would work well in a club/Dance environment, and the recording quality should be of a standard that venues and DJs would find "acceptable" to be used in those scenarios

Volume 1

Feminist Dance Anthems Volume 1 is an album of 15 original dance tracks created as part of a community arts project we facilitated in Halifax, Nova Scotia based on lived experiences of toxic club culture. Each song is in the style of a club hit, but features lyrics about identity, consent, and toxic masculinity. We hope to foster a safer club culture that isn't hypersexualised and supports people of all genders, races, ages, and abilities. We invite you to shake your limbs to phrases such as "My friend is not a piece of meat" and "I'm just here to dance" and "I refuse to be a victim of the gender machine" in the hopes that you feel validated and empowered. Please listen to our songs on soundcloud and spread them far and wide.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the album, please interac e-transfer $10-$20 (sliding scale) to DramaticChangesNow@gmail.com, and let us know what your email is, and we'll send you the files! Your money will go towards paying contributing artists and creating more songs for feminist dance anthems Volume 2.

If you are a journalist, a radio station, or a DJ, or want to connect us with someone who might want to play our songs, please reach out to us!


‘Feminist Dance Party’ is a night of dancing to songs that promote consent, support LGBTQI2S+ identities, and address toxic masculinity, featuring 15 original songs by Dramatic Changes artists and collaborators.

Shake your limbs to up-and-coming dance hits, featuring lyrics such as “My friend is not a piece of meat” and “I’m just here to dance” and “I refuse to be a victim of the gender machine”.

Please reach out to us if you'd like us to bring a Feminist Dance Party to you! All sound equipment provided!