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We're making an educational musical about food justice and how to grow things aimed at school kids. The show will feature plants coming to life to teach traditional stories (such as the 3 sisters), histories of food justice (such as stories about guerilla farming, or the battle against monsanto/corporations), sciency things (such as lifecycles and what soil is) and there will be an interactive element where the kids can plant seeds, collect fruit, and test the soil (We will have slightly different versions for p-6, 7-9, and 10-12 to suit their curriculum and skill level).


Our society has become disconnected from it's food sources. Many people go through life without ever ever engaging with agriculture. We want to help inspire kids to reconnect with plants and growing, and to learn some histories and traditions.


We are planning a Nova Scotia schools tour for 2019, and are open to invitations to perform anywhere in Canada or internationally.


This project is just beginning. If you'd like to get involved, please contact us. If you feel like there's someone we forgot to include, please let us know!


1) Community gatherings

2) Artist Workshops

3) Performances and Videos

4) Cast Recordings

More info coming soon!