Social Justice Musicals

PARTY AT THE OLD FOLKS HOME - A musical about embracing change

Jeremiah likes his retirement-home just the way it is. He like friends, he like his nurses, he likes his social life, even if it means socializing at funerals, but most of all he likes that nothing ever changes. If only his son would come visit, life would be perfect.

Unfortunately, things never stays the same for very long. With the rise of Live-funeral-streaming and automated-pill-dispensers and iPads it seems that nobody has time for an old-timer like Jeremiah. If only his son would come to visit.

“3D Augmented Reality? what the hell is that? I grew up in a generation where there was none of this crap...we had a black and white tv and clicker...none of these fancy buttons that do god knows what”

“it’s just another play on that tweet thing that’s been going on”

“My grandson’s coming to visit on the facebook”

Change is inevitable. And death is the ultimate change. You are cordially invited to the funeral of Jeremiah Jones.